Hello Member! A few words about how better to do things in the community. When creating groups or profiles please upload images which have neutral or positive feel about them, do not use avatars, photos or cover images of a stressful nature, people will constantly have them before their eyes. Use cover images with a darker overlay for white words and numbers look pretty cool on them. You can take free great images from such a wonderful websites as and for example or make them by yourself with your camera or buy them somewhere else like on Do not upload excessively large images over 500 kb, better stay with 300-400 kb. Use cover image with dimensions of 1600 X 500 pixels in jpg format. Use lesser dimensions for a photo option. Don’t use profane words in conversations too often please, some people don’t like that.

Groups’ activity and narrower topics

Group’s activity is a general public place, if you have a narrower topic, a ramification or a specific complex question please first join the group and then create the topic in the “Forum” tab of the group.

What is forbidden

On this site you cannot advise anyone taking medications of any kind or their dose on behalf of the doctor. On this site in your username, name, name of a group, in your messages, text, images, video and audio you cannot use words and abbreviations like this: Doctor, Dr., Doc, and other words and abbreviations which could mean that you are a doctor or a medical professional of any kind. On this site you cannot create groups or topics that are contrary to the laws of your country or state. All groups, topics or conversations which have illegal meaning will be deleted permanently without notice. The same measures will be applied to rudeness and hate.


The Site administration does not bear the responsibility for illegal or harmful actions or behavior of its users.

How to

For posting to a group you must join it first.

To comment on a post if it made in a group you must join the group first.

For sending a private message to a member you have two ways of doing that.

1) You go to a respective member’s page, and click right lower corner and choose the option:

2) You click on the “Members” menu item above and after it find your member on the loaded page and click blue button below called “Message”: